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Runes of Magic officially launched December 14th, 2017.
Dragon's Prophet has officially been opened for 1 year, and to celebrate we'll be running a double Diamond sale.

The sale will be active until February 18th at 11:59 PM PST.
100% Diamond Bonus only for the 18/02/2018!!!

As we didn´t do any event for valentine´s day, we do this special offer.

Don´t lose this opportunity to get extra diamonds!
Tomorrow, 16 of february we will open the instance Lair of the Demon Dragon!

Taborean heroes have to dare to face up to the challenge, Gestero, a renegade Flame Dragon, possessed by demons. New 12 players instance that u can do all times u want to!

Terrible enemies are waiting you.....


Enjoy the new dungeon.....


Myths of Taborea
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