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    Oct 20, 2016
    A while back we put in a place a system to allow people to earn Diamonds (or currency in other games) by just being active and posting on the forum. Here is the breakdown on how you can earn credits.
    • Registration: 500 Credits
    • Daily Login: 25 Credits
    • New Thread: 50 Credits
    • New Thread (Guide / Tip): 100 Credits
    • New Post: 25 Credits
    • New Post (100+ Characters): 50 Credits
    • Vote on Poll: 10 Credits
    • Post Media: 25 Credits
    • Thread Deleted: -100 Credits
    • Post Deleted: -50 Credits
    While we will be giving out free credits for the above things, people who abuse the system will be removed from the ability to earn credits, or banned if it isn't their first infraction.

    Sections such as introduction are exempt from earning credits, and any spamming will get your ability to earn, use or transfer credits removed.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.